Virtual Youth Forum 17.9.22: Testimonials

The Virtual Youth Forum was an event that took place online on the 17th September 2022 with the theme: “I want to Connect: Maltese Language, Culture and Identity”. It was the first of its kind and the main aim was to bring together Maltese youth from all over the world, whether they are descendants of Maltese living abroad who might not have even visited the island/s or young people who were born in Malta but who are presently living abroad.

The number of participants in the Forum was encouraging and the experience a very positive one. This Forum will be the basis of any future action taken by the Ministry especially where youth are concerned. Here is what 2 participants, Jordan De Bono (Japan) and Michaela Battaglia (US) said about their experience during this event.​


Jordan De Bono​

Michaela Battaglia

Press Release

1st Virtual Youth Forum for Maltese Living Abroad

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