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Learning Maltese for migrant students

The Department for Maltese has developed a new resource for listening which has been added to the many other resources on

This complements the resources for the induction level of Maltese for migrant students. This resource can be used by students with very little guidance from the teacher and can provide them with opportunities for further practice when at home. Students will be able to practice vocabulary and common phrases required for basic communication such as vocabulary related to food, clothes, the living surroundings and school. This resource is built on five graded levels. In the first level, the student sees the picture and listens to nouns related to the theme. In the second level they follow a series of pictures and listen to nouns and their article. In the third level they listen to a phrase made up of a noun, article and adjective describing the picture. In the fourth level a demonstrative pronoun is added to the phrase whilst the last level is intended for revision. Each theme is presented in the singular and plural version except for the theme Il-Post Fejn Ngħix. For this theme the students require a little more input from the teacher in the third level since the visuals might present different interpretations for the adjective.

This resource can be accessed from the link:

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