Message by Prime Minister Robert Abela to the Maltese communities abroad (2022-2023)

Prime Minister Robert Abela official photo

Dear Maltese citizens, near and far. 

2022 was a dynamic year for the Government of Malta which saw us returning to normality after the pandemic.

It was an eventful year.

We continued in our reform programme by introducing amendments to the IVF legislation which is leading to the introduction of new free services, thus helping more couples to become parents in our country.

We also introduced new rights for the workers and continued to increase open spaces for our families whilst we kicked-off our ambitious investment to have more green spaces in the heart of our communities.

Our citizens, together with their needs and aspirations, are at the very heart of our policies.

Facing global challenges, we were fully committed in keeping energy and fuel prices stable.

We intervened, as a government, to safeguard our citizens and will continue to do so next year.

On the international front, as from next year, Malta will be taking its seat as an elected member to the United Nations Security Council.

We look forward to play a key role in maintaining international peace and security on an international level.

We will also be prioritising climate change during our tenure.

In parallel, we are working steadfast on our local decarbonisation strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

In light of the European Commission positive forecast on our economic growth, which will be nine times the EU average, we are satisfied that our policies are working with great success. However, we remain determined to do more so that the common good reaches everybody.

This enables us to look forward to 2023 with positivity.

Also, next year, we will be hosting the Games of the Small States of Europe. 

Our preparations are underway, and I look forward to welcoming athletes and officials to Malta, in a spirit of sportsmanship, friendship and respect.

2022 taught us how resilient we are as a people, and as a country and this resilience is key to how we embrace the future.

We are capable to transform challenges into opportunities.

We are proud to be Maltese, and I am sure you share this pride, wherever in the world you may be. 

As Prime Minister of our beloved country, I am also proud of each one of you living around the globe.

We are proud of you, who are making a name for our country.

You are not just part of our history, but also part of our present and future. 

I welcome you to stay in touch with us and give us your views and thoughts.

My wife Lydia, our daughter Giorgia Mae and I, would like to wish you a joyful Christmas, and a new year full of good health, happiness and prosperity.

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