Recorded message of good wishes for Christmas and New Year by His Excellency George Vella for Maltese living abroad (2020-2021)

Official Portrait President of Malta

Dear citizens of Malta and Gozo living abroad,

It is my pleasure, that for the second year in a row, I am sending on my behalf, on behalf of my wife Miriam, and the rest of all our Nation, the best wishes to all of you, for Christmas and New Year.

This year has been long and difficult for all of us. You could say that each of the countries where you live, including Malta, has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of us have experienced long lockdowns. Some of us, still are. Unfortunately, we have also lost loved ones and it is fitting to salute their memory during this period.

We kept our distance from each other, not because we wanted to but as a sign of love and respect.

We made sacrifices, but we also learned.

We adapted to the circumstances. We have seen how we turn these restrictions into gestures of altruism and solidarity that have truly brought us closer together.

In a fast-paced world, we also found time to talk more often.

Thus, we realised that distance was never a problem separating us. We found a way to spend hours talking, through modern technology, when under normal circumstances we never thought it would be possible.

I augur that, when this pandemic ends, we will continue to find time for each other. I am convinced that soon, we will be able to visit each other again without restrictions. Until then, stay in touch often, especially with those who are most in need or who need special attention.

Let us keep in mind those who, even during these festivities, are alone.

This is the true Christmas spirit. This is what always stood out in the Maltese character. What really matters is the togetherness and love for our family. Distance can never change these values.

Therefore, I ask you that when you are decorating the Christmas tree or setting up the crib, keep in mind your families and friends here in Malta. It is good to participate fully in the traditions of your adoptive country, but also keep your Maltese heritage alive.

Stay Maltese in your traditions. Where possible, use the Maltese language and teach it to your children and grandchildren.

For us, you will always be part of our family especially during these days, as we miss your presence. I hope that those who wished to be in Malta for the holidays but could not travel due to the restrictions, will be able to do so in the very near future.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you who, during these difficult times, have been at the forefront of ensuring the health and safety of your communities. I am sure that you do your job with no interest for personal gain and with a lot of dedication.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I want to send a message of hope to all of you, as I do to your families in Malta. Let us all follow the guidelines set by the respective health authorities in order to protect each other’s health.

The year that is going to end was a tough one. However, we should keep in mind that the Christmas festivities and their great significance will not be ruined or tarnished, as long as we continue to nurture our values within us.

I will conclude this message by telling you that wherever you are – we are proud of you. Through all your actions, you show the world that the greatness of a country is not in its geographical size, but in its people.

I wish you and your families a Christmas full of joy and love. I also wish you a new year full of prosperity, happiness and above all health.

All the best.

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