CMLA Members

Minister Ian Borg

Hon Ian Borg – Chairperson CMLA


Joseph A Xerri

Joseph A Xerri – Secretary CMLA

Born on 8 April 1939 in Victoria Gozo. Started his teaching career in 1956 moving up the ladder throughout the years to assistant Director of Education. Attended teacher training course at St Michael’s Training College, later completing successfully the Diploma in Educational Administration and Management. He also read for a Master’s in Education at the University of Malta. Acted as Public Relations Officer (1972 – 1978) for the Ministry of Education and as personal assistant to the Director of Education (1984-1987).

Ex-Casual Tutor and Teaching Practice Supervisor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Malta.

For thirteen years he acted as UNESCO Associated School Project National Coordinator, and represented the Ministry of Education in various international meetings and agreements.

Xerri is a researcher in Educational and Political Maltese History, author of “L-Iżvillup tal-Edukazzjoni f’Malta”, script writer for TV and contributor to the media. Maltese Correspondent for the Maltese Herald of Australia for 50 years.

Appointed Secretary to the Council for Maltese Living Abroad in 2017 after serving as member of the same council.


Mona Nicholas

Mona Nicholas was born in Malta but moved to the United States at age five, when her parents emigrated. She grew up in San Francisco, California, where she attended Catholic elementary and secondary schools. After secondary school, she attended San Francisco State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree (magna cum laude) in French, with minors in English and drama, followed by a secondary teaching credential. After marrying she continued her studies, culminating in a Master of Arts degree in secondary education. She later earned a certificate as a language development specialist.

Ms. Nicholas enjoyed a long teaching career at various secondary schools, primarily in the city of South San Francisco, California. She became one of the first female members of the Maltese-American Social Club of San Francisco when the club began accepting women members. She established the club’s library and has served as its librarian from its inception to the present day. She is also a founder and president of the Maltese Historical Society.

Widowed since 2014, Ms. Nicholas is the mother of three grown children and the grandmother of five.

Antonella Berry Brincat

Antonella Berry Brincat

Mrs Berry-Brincat has moved to the UK in 2000, shortly after completing her medical studies with a distinction in Medicine at the University of Malta. She is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon for over 8 years and runs a busy practice in Leicester and its surroundings. Her ophthalmology training was completed in in the Midlands area, while she further sub-specialised in Oculoplastics at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

She is an avid teacher and has been extensively involved in the mentorship of medical students and junior doctors throughout her career. She is currently the College Tutor in Leicester and Regional Educational Advisor for Ophthalmology for the East Midlands Region and has led in the past the Ophthalmology Module for the medical student exams at University of Leicester Medical School.

Her initiative for teaching has led to the consolidation of a partnership between Mater Dei Hospital Postgraduate Training Programme and Health Education East Midlands. She was appointed as Ambassador for Training of Maltese Doctors in the East Midlands, in which role she oversees the training requirements as well as the pastoral care of Maltese junior doctors embarking on overseas training. This partnership allows trainees to gain more sub-specialist training in a teaching hospital setting, binding them to return to Malta at the end of the training to deliver specialist medical care. This scheme is an incentive to avoid a ‘brain drain’ of local doctors from Malta. In January 2019, the group of Maltese doctors in the East Midlands were visited by the President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro-Preca.

Mrs Berry-Brincat is also actively involved in the Maltese community by regularly attending and organising Maltese events in the UK. She is passionate about networking to strengthen the Maltese community ties within the UK. Her primary goals, as the CMLA representative for the UK, are to extend the official Maltese activities beyond the geographic boundaries of London and to highlight the importance of keeping the Maltese language alive, even on foreign shores.

Brandon Azzopardi

Brandon Azzopardi

Brandon Azzopardi feels extremely fortunate to be a dual citizen of both Canada and Malta.

Born and raised in Canada, Brandon had a love for his Maltese background and culture from a very young age. His happiest childhood memories were spending the summer months with family and friends in Malta. Throughout the scholastic year, Brandon worked hard on his academics and graduated from university to start a career as a Web Migrator and Quality Assurance Analyst for one of the major five banks in Canada. He dedicated four years in that career but began to realize he wanted a better work life balance.

He made the decision to start his own commercial flooring installation company, which gave him the freedom to decide his work hours, spend more time with his wife and kids, and travel to Malta freely.

Brandon is honoured to be the Vice President of the Maltese Canadian Federation, a founding member of the Maltese Canucks, and a representative of the Council for Maltese Living Abroad for Maltese Canadians. Through these initiatives, he hopes to connect younger generations to their rich and vibrant Maltese background.

Claudia Caruana

Claudia Caruana

Claudia M. Caruana is a New York-based writer specialising in health, medicine, and environmental issues in the developing world. She teaches at the Stern School of Business, New York University and the United Nations International School. Claudia has written extensively about Malta and the Maltese experience and is the author of a Maltese cookbook, Taste of Malta (Hippocrene Books).

Denis Muniglia

Denis Muniglia

Denis Muniglia comes from a Maltese family who arrived in Tunisia in the 1820s.

As an aviation insurer and private pilot, one of his longstanding passions is genealogy, which has led him in recent years to many trips and encounters, notably in Malta where he has managed to retrace his family’s journey before Malta, before 1539.

The discovery in 2009 of the possibility of regaining Maltese nationality led him to delve into his family’s Maltese past and by extension to study from different angles the population of Maltese origin living today in France and overseas. He is an active member of the Facebook group “Les Français d’origine Maltaise” which now has more than 1600 members.

Edwidge Borg

Edwidge Borg B. Bus (Admin) MIPA AFA

Ms Edwidge Borg is currently the President of the Federation of the Maltese Language Schools Australia and currently Coordinator of the Maltese Community Council Maltese Language Classes since (2003). She was the first female President of the Maltese Community Council of Victoria (MCCV) (2003-2006) were she previously served as Assistant Treasurer and Welfare Director. Other positions held concurrently were as Vice President, Federation of Maltese Language Schools (FMLS). In 1998 she was appointed secretary of the Maltese Historical Association Secretary and later (2000) President of the same Association.

Edwidge acted as Curator, a 3 month exhibition of Maltese Culture – Community Gallery – Immigration Museum. This exhibition promoted high attendance & new spectators to Museum. She also volunteers at Sacred Heart Mission Dining Hall.

She has vast work experience starting off at the Malta Drydocks, the Office of the Prime Minister and that of the Governor General Office and later joining the Central Bank.

In Australia, Edwidge is presently working on a semi-retired basis acting as Accountant at the Institute for Breathing & Sleep – Austin Health, after occupying various positions with Austin Health. Previously she worked as Office Coordinator for Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance formerly Australian Journalists’ Association (A.J.A.) and later Administration Manager, Budgets & Financial Coordinator of the Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) Radio Melbourne.

Emanuel Camilleri

Emanuel Camilleri

Emanuel/Manweli, Camilleri Born: Birżebbuga Malta, is a well-respected member of the New South Wales Maltese Community of Australia since he was elected President of the MCC 2015, after the death of Alfred Fenech OAM, BA (Econ) JP.

Emanuel’s main assignment was to lead the Maltese Council into the twenty-first century, by introducing new ideas and technology. Emanuel’s vision was, and still is, to set up a committee made up of young Maltese/Australians, as the first Maltese settlers are today the seniors of our community.

Emanuel always praised the pioneers who set up our community. Their task was enormous, as in early days, Australia had no services to assist the emigrants who made Australia their Home.

Because of such early settlers, today, the Maltese Community enjoys a host of services run by the State and Federal Government.

Manweli Camilleri wears multitudes of hats. Namely, President of the MCC, Author, Song writer, Radio commentator/producer, Aircraft Pilot, and Justice of the peace in NSW and member of the Council of Maltese Living Abroad, representing NSW Australia.

Manweli lost his beloved wife Theresa in September 2019 (Cancer). Nowadays he says he is married to the Maltese Community, because in spite of the Corona epidemic, his work helping his beloved Maltese Community never stops.

John Vassallo

John Vassallo

John Vassallo was born in Victoria, Gozo in 1954. He attended the Lyceum in Gozo and the University of Malta (RUM), then started to work as a high-school Teacher (Maths and Science). After 2 years, John left teaching and became a Quality Assurance Officer at Farsons in their soft-drink Department.

John married Marylin (nee’ Grech) in 1978. She was born in Sydney and always dreamt of returning to Australia. So three months after getting married, they emigrated to Sydney, Australia. John joined the Federal Public Service (Australian Taxation Office) and in 1980 moved to Canberra to work in Computers. He studied part-time and achieved the BA (IT Systems) at University of Canberra in 1984 and continued studying for the Post Graduate Diploma (IT Business Solutions) in 1986.

In 1988, John left the Public Service and started an IT consulting agency mainly working with the various Federal Departments in Canberra. He sold this business in 2018 to retire.

Community Service: John’s passion has been ‘helping others’ – being a Leader in the Scouting Movement for over 45 years, Fund-Raising Co-ordinator at Schools that the children attended; Board Chairman of the local Primary School, Acolyte at the local Parish;. John was awarded the ‘Volunteer of the year – Community Impact’ in 2002. John is a registered Justice of Peace here in Canberra; President of the ‘Maltese Australian Association of Canberra and Queanbeyan’, Treasurer of the Philatelic Society of Canberra and on the Finance Committee of the Church Parish.. John is a Knight with the Order of Malta (Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John’s of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta).

Marie-Louise (Marisa) Previtera

Marie-Louise (Marisa) Previtera

My working background is in Administration in the Public Service of NSW with 32 years of secretarial and executive administration service roles.

Over the last 20 years I have been greatly involved in various roles within the Maltese community of the western suburbs of Sydney. For a number of years I have served on various committees and have held the position of Vice President of the Maltese Cultural Association of NSW (MCA). In addition to this, I also have the pleasure of holding the position of Choir Director for the MCA Choir for almost 20 years.

I currently hold the role of the Secretary for The Friends of Providence House, NSW, the sole aim of which is since its inception to raise funds for Id-Dar tal-Providenza in Malta and to work closely with its Director, Fr Martin Micallef. Since 2011 our small group has succeeded in raising over $130,000.00, an achievement I am indeed very proud to be part of.

My appointment by the Maltese Community Council of NSW (MCC) as its Welfare/Community Worker has been very rewarding for me personally and I continue to provide a welfare and referral service for the Maltese community of Sydney since 2012. This role has given me direct involvement at the ‘coal face’ of the Maltese community of Sydney and its surroundings.

I am very passionate about my Maltese heritage and culture and I continue to seize every opportunity to promote and share our culture in Australia.

Mario A Sammut

Mario A Sammut OAM

Born in Malta 8th November 1950. Emigrated to Australia in 1983. Worked in various administrative positions. Contributed to the Maltese Community and the wider Australian Community.

Maltese Radio Programs producer and presenter.

Radio 4EB in Brisbane 1983-1985.

Radio 3GCR in Morwell 1986 still doing (34 years)

Radio 3GCR in Morwell 2000 still producing the Breakfast Show in

English (20 years)

Radio 3ZZZ Ethnic Station in Melbourne 1989 still doing Maltese Show. (22 years).

President and Founder of The Maltese Community Centre Latrobe Valley. 1986

Founder of Latrobe Valley Maltese Community Museum. (2020)

Past Vice President Maltese Community Council of Victoria.

Past Executive Member of the Ethnic Community Council of Victoria.

Past Secretary and President of The Latrobe Valley Migrants Resource Center Voluntary

Member of The Institute of Directors (UK )’

Hon Vice Consul for Malta since 1989. Council Member CMLA since 2018 C

Awarded the Order of Australia Medal (in 2012) for services to the Maltese Community and the wider Community in Melbourne.

Nadim Kanawati

Nadim Kanawati

Nadim Kanawati is a descendant of a Maltese/Italian family who migrated to Egypt in the early 19th century and settled in Alexandria. He graduated from College Saint Marc in Alexandria where he obtained his high school diploma in french. Then he studied Business Administration, majoring Marketing from Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA).

Previously, he worked as a public relations and protocol officer in Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Saint Catherine Cathedral of Alexandria. Currently, Nadim serves as a public relations, protocols and external relations officer for the Franciscan Friars in Egypt. Alongside, Nadim contributed in the organizations of the Maltese delegation that visited Alexandria and Cairo during the reopening of the Maltese embassy and consular section. Nadim has a growing interest in the history and genealogy of the expat communities who used to live in Egypt during the 18th and 19th century till present.

Susan Schembri

Susan Schembri F.I.C.B. (Fellow of The Institute of Canadian Bankers)

Susan Schembri is honored to be a member of the Council for Maltese Living Abroad since 2018. She holds dual citizenship in Canada and Malta.

Susan migrated to Canada in her late teen years. She met her husband Saviour in Vancouver British Columbia (BC) Canada. They have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Susan graduated from UBC with the Fellowship of the Institute of Canadian Bankers, and retired as a Senior Risk Manager from one of Canada’s largest Banks.

Susan has a passion for keeping the Maltese living abroad connected to their birth country. She was President of the Canadian Maltese Association of BC, and is presently the Treasurer for the Federation of Maltese Living Abroad. She is the sole distributor of Maltese goods in BC, she plans regular events ,and since 1986 she continues to be a major contact through which the Maltese Community in BC stays connected.

One of Susan’s latest endeavors has been the success of having the Maltese program “Lehen Malti” aired in BC. Susan is the glue of the Maltese Community in BC.

Through her representation on the CMLA she hopes to further support open connection between Malta and Maltese abroad for generations to come.

Georgina Bugeja

Georgina Bugeja

My name is Georgina Bugeja. I was born in Melbourne Australia and raised in Birkirkara Malta. I hold dual citizenship Maltese and Australian. I have been working and living in Dubai UAE since 2000. I have 20 years experience in the Aviation industry with the leading Emirates Airlines. During my first five years of service in the Emirates, I was promoted to advance my career to Purser (also known as Flight Manager) and to lead the cosmopolitan team on-board with over 140 mixed nationalities.

In addition to these roles, I also maintain a role of confidentiality with highly sensitive matters as Peer Support/Psychology Team Member. In this membership role, I offer ongoing support to our flight crew and cabin crew throughout their career, and empower them to overcome their challenges.

I received 14 NAJM & Honors awards including ‘A Purser with highly commendable professionalism and leadership’. I thrive to maintain an outstanding track record throughout my career.

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malta held the IV Convention of Maltese Living Abroad in 2015, I was selected by the consulate of Dubai UAE to represent the Maltese People living in United Arab Emirates to conduct a presentation in front of the Global Audience and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malta.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends – they are my rock. I like listening to music and attending aerobics classes and I have a big interest in fashion and beauty. My older brother John who has special needs is my inspiration and the love of my life. I will do everything for him to make sure he is always happy.

Currently, I am reading a Diploma of ‘Image Consultant’ which I am eager to complete as I am very enthusiastic to give my input in this field.

I am a firm believer in leading by example and using my strengths and personality to motivate and inspire others to give their best every day. I am a ‘People’s Person’ and I enjoy helping the Maltese community living in UAE and Worldwide.

Alison Micallef

Alison Micallef

A team player, project manager and leader at local, international banks and a Fortune500 company for over 29 years. Her practical experience has been augmented by her academic studies; MBA in Risk Management at University of Applied Sciences in Vienna and executive education programmes at the University of Oxford.

Her bespoke experience gained from rolling out major Risk Management projects relating to Basel III, Internal Models for Market and Credit Risk, Limit Management Systems, MIFID, EMIR and full banking licensing ensured regular liaison with national and international regulators.

In 2015, she followed a second trajectory and attained an honours diploma in holistic coaching. The latter course was the catalyst for her extensive review of psycho-cybernetics and further intensive self-development programs during the years 2016 and 2017 with some of the world’s best gurus such as Bob Proctor.

Between 2017 and 2019 she served as Solution Architect for Risk Management Systems. She worked closely with systems integration, product management and project delivery teams, lead the design authority and architectural governance forums and champions product-driven implementations. Post implementation, she helped focus on minimising risk, optimising system operation & performance, and increasing ROI through use of best practice business processes and product capabilities.

Since 2020, she serves as Deputy Chief Risk Officer and leads Sustainability & Non-Financial Risks at Santander Consumer Bank in Vienna.

Luke Incorvaja

Luke Incorvaja

Luke is currently employed as an Innovation Officer at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), an independent body of the European Union (EU), based in Budapest, Hungary, tasked with strengthening Europe’s ability to innovate.

His primarily responsibility is to oversee the successful implementation of the EIT’s Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), a €420 million capacity building and support instrument, which aims at advancing the innovation performance of those countries in Europe, including Malta, classified as moderate or emerging innovators according to the European Innovation Scoreboard.

Before joining the EIT in 2017, Luke spent over ten years working on EU affairs within the Maltese Civil Service. Initially he was engaged within the EU Secretariat, then part of the Office of the Prime Minister, where he oversaw the overall internal coordination of the positions taken by Malta within the EU’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council, Foreign Affairs Council and General Affairs Council. He was subsequently posted to the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU in 2011 as Research, Innovation and Space Counsellor, where he represented Malta in key legislative negotiations, including those on Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020).

In 2015, he was assigned to the position of Head of the COREPER I Secretariat and European Semester Coordinator, in preparation for and implementation of, the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU, which took place in the first half 2017. During the tenure of the Maltese Presidency, Luke additionally chaired the Council Working Party on Space Questions, which reached a breakthrough agreement on a Space Strategy for Europe.

Luke holds academic degrees in European Studies and International Relations. He is also a regular visiting lecturer at the Corvinus University of Budapest, instructing in Science Diplomacy.

He is married to Agnes Reiter, a Hungarian national, and has three children.